On My Mind Monday Week 1-The Everyday: Chicago Northwest Suburban Family Photographer

Today I’m introducing the first “On My Mind Monday” post which is another new bi-weekly series for 2012! I’m very excited to share a little more about myself and my family and again share more of my art with all of you.

Sometimes we all spend so much time and effort trying to get those special moments like birthdays and holidays or even firsts. I’m not saying that those are not important because they are but so is the everyday. I mean children learn new things everyday and we see it but we don’t always capture it. Sometimes all I have with me is my camera phone (which is nothing to talk about) but having that super low quality photo is better than nothing in my opinion. Of course, I’m making a promise to myself this year and that is to get more photos of the everyday and hopefully high quality ones too. It takes a little more effort to get out my DSLR camera instead of snapping a quick one with my point and shoot or the dreaded camera phone but it is SO worth it. Here are some fun photos I took of my 2 year old this past weekend just sitting in his booster seat and being a goofball. I probably took over 100 photos and would love to share them all but here is a collection of my favorites! Enjoy and make sure you get out your cameras for the everyday, in between the important events moments.

Some ideas are reading books together, laying in the grass, blowing bubbles, eating something messy, baking, building with blocks, lining up all of the stuffed animals, playing with their tea sets, wrestling with their siblings and watching their favorite tv show.

Just Peachy Photography does offer a “Day in the Life” specialty session to capture an everyday event with your child. Email me for details. Erika@justpeachyphotog.com

What “everyday” moments do you wish you could capture more often?

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