Tuesday’s Tips Guest Blogger Series: Choosing a Certified Sitter

Childcare is a very important topic for families to discuss prior to hiring babysitters.  Parents always need to do their research before choosing an agency.  Here are 3 tips when choosing an agency for your babysitting/childcare needs.

1.)  First of all, every agency in Illinois must be licensed and bonded.  Be sure the agency you chose has up to date licensure.

2.)  Secondly, check how much each agency's Placement Fee is.  Placement Fees can vary greatly, depending on the agency, up to thousands of dollars.

3.)  Third, as a parent do your due diligence to make sure the agency you chose has minimum requirements for their sitter candidates, and know what exactly those minimums are.  Do they meet your requirements in what you want in a sitter? 

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