Winter in Chicago–Northwest Suburban Photographer

It is that time of year where I ask myself, when will the winter end! Seriously, I am just plain exhausted of this “dead” looking landscape and freezing cold winds! Can you tell winter is my favorite season (insert sarcasm here)? There is one, maybe two things I do like about winter though. The first is when it first snows and the trees and everything around me is covered in fluffy white powder. This is only true if I’m warm and cozy in my home and don’t have to drive anywhere. The other thing I love is playing in the snow whether it be snowball fights, sledding, building snowmen or snow forts, or just making a simple snow angel.

Tell me in the comments below how you enjoy the winter!

Here are some pictures of some icicles I photographed last week. There is just something so eery and beautiful about them.

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