Happy Valentine’s Day–Chicago Northwest Children’s Photographer

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you will all go and do something special for someone today! I had a fun time making homemade Valentine’s with my twins this year for their Kindergarten party. We did two kinds so that they each had something to bring to their class. They are already identical so I try to differentiate them as much as possible.

M got to put a small box of stickers in a cute heart bag and decorate his decorated construction paper made heart Valentines. His said “I’m stuck on you!”

A got to put homemade heart crayons (made with bits of leftover crayons) on his decorated construction paper made heart Valentines. His said “You Color My World!”

The boys love doing crafts and art projects and even though they had 25 to do each didn’t complain once. I hope next year I can plan a little ahead and come up with an even more elaborate idea. For now, they are super excited about their cards and party.

Here are some photos from the fun we had! I chose to not use a flash and it was at night in my “yellow” lit kitchen:) Excuse the grain!

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