My Drive By Location and a Funny Story–Chicago Suburban Maternity Photographer

Last weekend I finally got to use a location I was drooling over for weeks every time I passed it by!  I was super excited because a Maternity Session was the best type of session for this location.  Many times before I had thought about using it but the landscape wasn’t as full as I would have liked since it is surrounded by a lot of busy streets and buildings.   Now it was perfect and to add a cherry to my sundae, the light was perfect that night too!  Can you see my excitement building?  Well I think the session went perfect.  K and A were so cute together and I loved that they were very laid back and just let me lead them too.  I’m sure a few times they were wondering what I was thinking but I hope they are as pleased with the images as I am!   K just glows in these!  Can’t wait to meet their baby soon and love that it is another surprise!   I won’t know if I’m photographing a boy or girl until they are here.

Oh and on to the funny story!  So I got there and there was a car show going on at the location so things were a little hectic.  I think since it was a new location I was a little nervous and was anxious to scout out the best light spots before my clients arrived.  Well I get to the spot that we were meeting up, in the gazebo, and see a couple sitting there.  I look and see, she is obviously pregnant.  I’m thinking, alright they arrived early to eat (since they were doing that).  I’m waiving as I walk over and come up to them and introduce myself not even noticing that they are definitely not dressed for portraits and that they were just hanging out eating.  Apparently after a little more conversation, I find that they are in fact NOT my clients and coincidentally another couple just hanging out in the exact place I was meeting my expecting clients and at the exact time.  Weird!  Funny thing was, they asked for my card after I apologized for the mishap!   I think they thought it was amusing too.  I do hope to hear from the nice couple from the gazebo soon.

But on to some images from this beautiful Maternity Session in Palatine.

palatine maternity

Beautiful Momma to Be, nothing more to say

palatine maternity

This is the spot I drove by and had to use in a session soon and this is the exact image I imagined. Truly love it, especially their sweet display of affection and glow of light around them!

palatine maternity

Super cute!

palatine maternity

Love the colors in this one!

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