FOR 2023

I am happy to announce that I am currently booking sessions for newborns, babies, moms-to-be, and families for the rest of the year. To make sure you get a spot, it's best to book at least two months in advance. But if you need a last-minute session, I'll do my best to fit you in if I have availability. Be sure to take a look at our events page for some special themed sessions.

The Experience

What brings you joy? What things in life make your heart beat faster with excitement? Many people would say, FAMILY! It is the experiences and connections that we have with our families that bring us joy. These experiences can happen in many ways, and it is up to us to live in the moment of those experiences to truly feel that joy. Those moments are so fleeting, and that is where I come in. I love to live in those precious moments with your family and experience the love and connection with you using my camera to preserve those memories made during our session.


I want to encourage your family to display your images on the walls in your home or add an album to view on your coffee table so you can experience that same joy you felt when we took those beautiful portraits of your family! That is a daily dose of oxytocin, the love chemical in our bodies, every time you look at your pictures and relive that moment in your mind! Also, it is proven that children who grow up with photos displayed all over their homes have higher self-esteem. Who doesn't want that for their loved ones? How can I help your family capture those moments of joy? What story can I help you tell of your family? How do you see your portraits displayed in your home?




The studio is fully stocked with everything you need. I have many fun ideas and skills to get children smiling and laughing and let their personalities shine through. There is nothing to worry about, as I will have everything covered in the pre-session preparation and the session itself. All you have to do is come in and enjoy the moment!



I will be with you from booking to delivery of your order to answer any questions you have. If you aren't sure what your family should wear, I'm here to guide you and even have client closets for maternity, milestone, and newborn clients. If you aren't sure how to display your beautiful portraits, I'm happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your home. I also have innovative software to show you how your art will look on your walls. If you aren't sure where to have your session, I'll give you options for the best location. If you want to guarantee your new baby is safe and cared for during their session, I'll be there to show your baby the same love and care I have given my own.



I have over 12 years of experience photographing babies, children, and families, and I love watching my clients grow from year to year. Most children I work with make friends very quickly, allowing me to get their natural expressions and, often, a hug before they leave. My clients become my friends and family because I share these emotional experiences with them throughout their lives. Many new mothers share their pregnancy and birth stories and the newness of having a baby to care for. I love to put them at ease, share my tips, and be a friendly ear to listen to as they take a break and I safely handle their beautiful new baby. Many of my clients nap as they feel relaxed and cared for at the studio. That is how I want you to feel, taken care of and worry-free.





Sessions take place in the studio and are fully posed. You can include the baby in your session or siblings and family.



Sessions take place in the studio or an outdoor location. You can include just the expecting couple or a whole family.



Sessions occur in the studio, including our client closet of outfits and a fully stocked studio of props and accessories. Milestone sessions are for babies under 18 months old.



Sessions take place mainly outdoors but occasionally in the studio.



There are three options for our exclusive Baby Club. You can even choose our VIP monthly sessions. Clients can access our client closet, unique images of their baby's milestones as they grow the first year, savings, and a free gift!



Events are for smaller parties, usually under 75 people total, and include up to 4 hours of photography coverage.

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