My Third Little Boy is Here at Last! February 3rd, 2010

After 40 weeks and 1 day, my little man was born into this world! He is such a peach and so fun to photograph! I’m sure all 3 of my boys will be on my blog a lot this year! I love to capture their fun personalities!

Here are some newborn photos I was able to take a few days after he was born in the hospital. Thank goodness for pain meds! I probably shouldn’t have been crawling around on the floor with my camera right after a c-section, but I couldn’t photographing this cutie!

Here are some more at a week and a half (about 9-10 days old).  I wish I could have captured more in between (newborns are much easier to photograph the first week when they are super sleepy) but I had to find time to recover.  I was very happy with the following.

Hope you enjoyed my little one!  More to post soon….also some really cute Valentine’s Day photos of all 3 of my boys!

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