Is This the Definition of Happiness?

Sometimes we all ponder the definition of happiness.  Some of us are happy around our family, me included.  Some of us enjoy indulging in foods.  Others like to be daredevils and jump off of buildings or go skydiving.

What makes you happy?

Can we all truly define what makes us happy?  I think this post will show you that my son’s happiness is cake!  He is seriously one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  Of course, all 3 of my boys are hams in front of the camera!

My little T just turned one and boy did he have fun!  What do you think?

The cake made by my husband and I for his “Artic” themed party. 

Love this little guy saving the fort!
T’s smash cake
First taste.  Gotta love those eyelashes!

Protecting his hat
Wow!  That is ONE messy baby!  Love it!
T peeking through the box of his Build a Bear present:)  My favorite image of the day!

See why I love my job!

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