Energetic Boys–Northwest Suburban Chicago Children Photographer

Last weekend, I had a session with a wonderful family. Unfortunately our location fell through due to a festival going on that day. I quickly contacted this client before we were ready to meet with another location close by, just to find out that construction started and that beautiful location was only dirt and rubble when we got there. My heart was broken! One of my favorite locations was gone. Luckily I noticed another beautiful location on the way there and lucky for me, the family I was working with was very understanding! After all the chaos we found a beautiful location with a cute little bridge, rock area, and even another spot with amazing light! My favorite kind of location!

As you can see these two boys were not shy and I loved their energy! I have 3 boys of my own so I have a special place in my heart for those energetic boys! I could tell these two were really close and will probably be the best of friends growing up! I hope their mom and dad love these images as much as I do!

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