12 Days Countdown to 2012 Celebration Giveaway Day 8–Chicago Northwest Suburban Children Photographer


Just to recap, I have 12 very special prizes to give away in the new year! Each day I will reveal one of the prizes to you. During the day on facebook, I’ll give 1-3 clues about the prize and then will reveal the actual daily prize on the blog that evening. The last few days will be VERY exciting so make sure you get your entries in early so you don’t forget to come back and enter! Don’t worry, as usual I will provide many ways to enter too! After the new year, 12 people will have one more special present to add to their holiday gift pile!

This giveaway will be for local participants only. You must reside near the Chicagoland area to enter and claim your prizes. All entries will be verified as well.

The prize for Day 8 (if you didn’t guess) is a $10 Gift Certificate to Panera!

I LOVE their delicious turkey sandwiches and fresh bread!  What will you order if you win this one?  Lunch is on us!

Since we are over the halfway point, the prizes will be getting higher in value so come back and check them out!

As promised I said there would be a BIG announcement about our Day 11 Prize so here it is!  We will be giving away something that many of you wish you could buy but can’t find!  My kids got one for Christmas and love it and I love how many applications it has for reading and learning.  Since I’m also a teacher, that is VERY important to me in a game system!  So if you didn’t guess it, yes, we are giving one VERY lucky winner a Leapfrog Leap Pad Explorer!   But Day 12’s prize is still more exciting so check back!

Finally, make sure you and come back here tomorrow because we’ll be announcing something else very big!

Remember for every 100 entries into our giveaway, we’ll add an extra $10 value to our Day 12 prize that is already valued at $550!!!   Only 14 entries away from another add on!



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