Happy Birthday, Just Peachy Photography!


After 2 amazing years, I’m ready to embark on a new (fiscal) year!  Just Peachy Photography is officially 2 years old and going into the third year as of February 1st!  I am very excited that I have made it this far and have met so many wonderful people along the way.   I really hope that my third year in business will be the best yet!

Since I spent the last few months playing Santa Claus and giving away some REALLY amazing prizes, if I do say so myself, I am going to celebrate Just Peachy’s birthday month with news and announcements!  I really hope that you enjoy hearing about all of the fun things I’m doing this year!  I sure am excited to tell you about it all!

I’ll start today with our first announcement!   You will hear a lot more from me this year as far as my blogging posts go.  I am going to try to lend more of a voice to share more about me, more about Just Peachy Photography and what it can offer you, and more about raising a family.  You will have some regular posts from me to read along with other surprises.  If you do not have an email or RSS subscription set up yet, I suggest you go and do that so that you don’t miss out!

My regular posts that I’m going to start with every other week will be:

On My Mind Monday:  Just will speak what is on my mind (posts will vary)

Words Wednesday:  I will share a special design with everyone to print or save for your enjoyment.  Each post will have a new quote that I found inspiring in some way.

Fashion Friday:  I will post what to wear guides so that those of you who struggle with putting together outfits for your children or family portraits have some new ideas.

Finally I will be starting a continuous series about organizing your digital images on your computer very soon that will show you some ways to keep your digital photos organized so that you can find them, print them or share them.   This will be bi-weekly as well.

I have my second announcement coming tomorrow!  Remember, get those subscriptions set up!   And if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, that is a quick trip to the left tab of the website!  Don’t miss out on our monthly newsletters and other promotions!

Since my littlest son turned 2 in January, I thought it was only appropriate to borrow one of his cake photos to celebrate Just Peachy Photography’s birthday!  Enjoy and I’ll post more fun photos from his Elmo birthday party later!

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