Tuesday’s Tips Guest Blogger Series: Pay It Forward?

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“Pay it Forward”, one would not think they are paying it forward when they decided to consign the outgrown items they have purchased for their children; however, it has been my experience, as the owner of “Here Whee Go Again” a Kidz resale event business, that, that is exactly what you are doing.

“I can’t believe how expensive things are today”, is a statement mumbled today no matter what store you patronize. In today’s economy we all are trying to find ways to make ends meet, and the consignor has a very important role in helping people do just that.

When we make the decision to purchase an item for our children, it is done with the intention of serving a purpose, but once that purpose is fulfilled what do we do with it then? Have you ever given a thought to the fact that it can also bring joy and aid to another family’s home in the future? Thus, “Paying it Forward”. Although consigning can take a little time and effort and it is easy to say it is not worth it, just think about another family that could be in need of that very item and is on a limited budget.

I can’t help but remember the joy on one of my customer’s face when she realized she could buy many needed items for the cost of just one of those items, had she had to purchase them new. So when you are thinking about whether to consign or not; remember, there is an element of “paying it forward” that makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Upcycled is a new favorite term used on Etsy.com; however, whether its upcycled, gently used, or vintage, we all can benefit from one another’s participation in resale events.

“Here Whee Go Again’s”, next event will be held April 12 thru 15 at 20771 N. Rand Rd, Kildeer, and new in 2012 we will be holding a second event featuring just women items. “My BF’s Favorite Things” will be held the following week, 4-19 thru 4/22 and we are looking for consignors for both sales. Visit www.herewheegoagain.com for more details. Until our next sale, think “Pay It Forward” while making the decision to consign.


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