On My Mind Monday Week 2: What is Custom Photography?

Since many of you have probably “heard” me call myself a “custom on-location” photographer, I thought I’d explain what exactly that means.  I have had this conversation with many people when the issue of “price” comes up and would like to share with everyone what it means to me.

Custom Photography services are about the experience.  It is a collaboration of so many things that make the whole process fun, stress free and allows you to have art created that can be passed down for generations for years to come.  It is the type of art that you don’t want to burn on a cd and throw in a drawer but put on the walls and look at on a daily basis.  It is the type of art that touches you emotionally and holds a true memory of what your family was doing and looked like that day.  Was your toddler taking their first steps?  Did your first grader lose her first tooth?  Did your baby get their first tooth?

Custom Photography is a unique experience.  It is not like all of those “chain” studios which we all know is a quick in and out snap shot of your child by someone who was hired to push a button.   Of course, this is not an experience that is for everyone.  It requires some planning and time.  To get the most out of the experience you need to collaborate with your photographer to work out all of the details.

Remember that your photographer will provide you with choices, their artistic vision and expertise.

Here is another great article that shares an explanation of Custom Photography. Check it out HERE!

Next time I will share with you what goes into the process of planning a custom photography session.

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