On My Mind Monday Week 3: What Do You Love About Spring?

It is hard to believe that March is almost over and with it is the beginning of Spring!  The whole Chicagoland area has been blessed with so many beautiful days that almost feel like Summer than Spring.  I have been trying to spend as much time outdoors as my schedule will allow.  Luckily my boys are just as happy to be outdoors, although that doesn't mean the twins don't complain when we are out.

I thought I'd reflect on what I absolutely love about Spring and then I want to hear about yours!

I love…

* The birds tweeting away in the trees from the breaking of dawn to the beginning of the evening hours.

* Watching my children running around free in the grass without a care in the world.

* Being able to take daily walks with stops just to enjoy nature.

* Seeing all of the green buds just forming on the trees.

* Watching how in just one day a single tulip can spread into fifty.

* Observing the colors fad

e from ugly browns to beautiful vibrant greens.

* Looking around at all of the beautiful spring flowers start blooming, especially the daffodils.

* Enjoying the sun setting later and later every day reminding me of my favorite season, Summer.

…as you can see, I can go on all day but the truth is that I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation and just feel so free again.  Sometimes I think I'd be a lot happier in a warmer climate (meaning all year round) but who knows if I would appreciate the changes of the seasons and summer weather as much.

What do you love about Spring?   I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Enjoy a view images of Spring!

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