On My Mind Monday Week 4: How Easter Changes but Stays the Same

It is funny how Easter has changed so much in my life but at the same time stays the same. I love having some of the same joys and traditions to share with my children as I had growing up. Even though it seems like things change so much as you have your own children and celebrate holidays with them, there are so many details that remind you of your own childhood. It is true that as an adult I have a lot more work to do during the holidays but it is worth the excitement on my boys’ faces as they experience the holidays for the first time. Pretty soon all of the traditions that my husband and I start with them will be memories that maybe they’ll continue to pass on to their own children making their own special changes and additions. The idea of this makes me very happy.

My favorite thing about the Easter holiday is seeing my boys’ faces as they experience every detail of the day including opening their baskets and finding all kinds of fun treats inside, searching for Easter eggs with anticipation of what is inside, and spending time with family and friends. They absolutely visiting with people. I say it often but it really is the little things from day to day that I love to capture.

Be sure to comment below and tell me what you did this Easter!

Here are a few fun Easter photos for you:

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