Tuesday’s Tips Week 7: Buying Used Children’s Clothing

In the last Tuesday’s Tips with Angie of Life As Mom Knows It, we started a series on children’s clothing.  If you didn’t read the first post about buying new children’s clothing, read it HERE.  Also don’t forget to read the second part of the post on Life as Mom Know’s It.

Today we are going to focus our post on buying used children’s clothing.   Here are some of my best tips on buying used clothing in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

*  RESALES–Many of you may already know about this gold mine, but I want to put it here first.  There are so many great resales in this area.  I know four that I’ve attended personally and saved a lot of money on name brand clothing in which some still had tags on it!  Brand new clothes for resale prices, I’ll take it!  I think the most I paid for a brand new item even is $5!    The top four I know of are resales by multiple/twins clubs Double Take Resale in Arlington Heights and One Plus One Multiples Resale in Hoffman Estates (these are both two times a year in the spring and fall so that you can get both types of seasonal clothing), Here Whee Go Again Resales (also spring and fall) and Growing Cents of Style in Barrington.  I also found this link that shares more in Illinois.

*  GARAGE SALES–The garage sales in this area are amazing and have great prices on gently used clothing.  I have heard people say they got items as low as $0.50!  Check on Craigslist (select “garage sale” in middle) or Garagesales.com and plan out your morning.  Sometimes they list what they have ahead of time!

*  ASK AROUND–Some people do not want to be bothered selling items or want to “Pay it Forward” and are willing to give old children’s clothing away.  Sometimes they have new items that their kids didn’t get to wear or were a different season for the size they had.

*  EBAY–Many people sell sets of Gymboree or The Children’s Place clothing on Ebay.  Make sure you are specific in your searches.  Type in the size or brand of children’s clothing you are looking for.  I’ve seen huge boxes of miscellaneous items on Ebay sorted by size.  You might pay a little more than the other options above but you get the whole matching set and it is shipped right to your door!   Very convenient!

Head over to Life as Mom Knows It for the rest of this post!  Make sure you share these tips with others and feel free to tell us how you stock up on used children’s clothing in the comments section!


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