On My Mind Monday: Healthy Eating and an Exercise Plan Part 1


How many of you are like me and vow to eat healthier and get into a routine exercise plan?  I have said this for years and I do for awhile and then life happens and I let go of my routine yet again. We rush around for the quickest things for meals. It isn’t that the foods my family eats aren’t healthy but there are a lot of frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets and hot dogs thrown in the mix.

I know I need to set a good example and maybe if I say my late spring goals publicly, I’ll stick to them this time. So here are my goals for now. I’m starting small with 3 goals and hopefully by the next “On My Mind Monday” I’ll be ready to add on.

1.) 20-30 minute walk with my family at least 3 nights a week.
2.) 30 minute exercise segment on treadmill at least 2 nights a week
3.) Try one new recipe a week that is healthier for my family

Maybe I’ll post some of the recipes and my experience with them! Everyone LOVES photos of food, right? What do you do to keep your family and yourself healthy?

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