Tuesday’s Tips: Finding a New Home for Your Children’s Clothing

After one or more of your children have used their clothing, there are many options for getting them out of your home.  I think the best way is to have someone else use them.    I generally like to donate them to Good Will if they aren’t in the best of condition (a little worn or a stain or two) but also tend to sell some through various methods.

I’ll discuss a few options and then Angie from Life As Mom Knows It, will go over a few more HERE.

1.)  Donate — If you know someone who is having twins or triplets that is a great place to start but anyone in need of children’s clothing would appreciate your items.  Some church’s accept donations for rummage sales or other events.  Recently I participated in a Teen Mom Day at Rolling Meadows High School and they took donations for all of the teenage moms and expecting moms ahead of time.  It was wonderful how many clothes were donated and how happy it made the girls, in which many had nothing to begin with.

2.)  Sell on Ebay –Clothing has to be “like new” usually to sell on Ebay but I’ve seen it set up two ways.  The first way is a big box of clothing coordinated by the size of the clothing and gender. Ex. Large box of clothing, 20 pieces, 0-6 months, boys.  Sometimes the brands are mentioned too, ie. The Gap, The Children’s Place, Oshkosh, etc.  The other way I’ve seen clothing sold is by listing complete outfits.  Gymboree clothing has a lot of pieces and accessories too and if you have every piece of that outfit you can sell them for quite a bit of money.  If you buy them on sale, clearance or with coupons, you could almost break even with these sales.  The tricky part is you can only mark them up if you have every piece of the set.  The people that tend to purchase these are very particular.

3.)  Thred Up or Other Clothing Exchange Services-At Thred Up, you can shop for used clothing and also sell clothing for money back or a credit for their shopping area.  When your child outgrows their clothing, you request a bag that they mail you.  You then fill up the bag and ship it back to them.  They post your clothing in their shop and you decide if you want to be paid or given a credit to their website.  I have not used this service since I have 3 boys and they have shared clothing but I personally think it is a great idea and would use their service if the circumstances were right for my family.

4.)  Resale Stores and Group Resales–There are several resale stores in the area that will accept gently used children’s clothing.  The payout isn’t usually that much but it is nice to know it is reused and any money back on clothing is better than none at all.  I’d call ahead if you have a resale shop in mind to find out if they take children’s clothing.   I have also had a great experience with local multiples clubs in the area that each hold sales twice a year in the spring and fall.  If you are a member you can sign up to sell or sometimes even if you know a member, you can pay a small fee to sell in the sales as an associate seller.  These sales do really well and you can price items as you wish.  The club will take a small percentage of the sales, usually about 15%.  It goes back to the club to fund its events.

Remember, more suggestions HERE at Life As Mom Knows It.

What ways do you get rid of your children’s clothing when it no longer fits them?  We’d love to hear your suggestions!


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