Newspaper Comic: How Many of You Have Done This?

Every week my family receives the Sunday, Chicago Tribune in our driveway.  Honestly, I love to browse the sale ads and get the coupon inserts but I can’t help but browse some of my favorite comics too.  The Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott are the best because I can relate to it about 9.9 out of 10 times!  I apologize for the black and white scan and poor cutting around this one (I ripped it out in a hurry from my excitement).

This one was just so priceless to me because so many of us have done this, right?

Source: Chicago Tribune Comics-- July 1st, 2012



This is why you need to hire a professional baby and children’s photographer!  Leave the stress of getting those perfect photos to the pros!  Make sure you share this one with others that can relate.  LOL!

So fess up, how many of you have done this?

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