Tuesday’s Tips Guest Blogger Series: Involving Your Children in Community Service Projects

Many families are searching for ways to involve their children in community service projects, but have a hard time finding organizations that can accommodate children. In 2010, three mothers who were interested in the positive impact their children could have on their community started a non profit called Creatively Caring. This organization allows families to work with a variety of non profits in a safe, age appropriate environment. Creatively Caring makes an effort to work with different non profits in the greater Chicago area that focus on people, animals and/or the environment. This year has been full of wonderful projects and opportunities. Each month, Creatively Caring offers a Make Two: One for Me, One for You project at Nibbles Play Cafe in Wheeling. This is a great project for all ages, but especially the youngest members of the family. The participants make a craft to donate to the charity of the month as well as one to take home. Making two crafts helps children to understand the impact they can have on their community without focusing on leaving a prized craft behind. Once a month there is also an inter generational program that connects Creatively Caring members with adult residents of assisted living facilities. The families interact with residents through crafts, art projects, games and stories. Inter generational relationships have proven to improve learning in all those involved as well as give the children a sense of purpose and eases their fears. A new and exciting project that started this past Spring is the Leader Project. The Leader Project is a program for children who are interested in making a difference through community service projects, but need some guidance in order to accomplish their goals. Creatively Caring allows the child to organize every aspect of the project and then offers their expertise, resources and publicity. Creatively Caring strives to offer community service opportunities for all members of the family. It is a strong belief of the founders of the organization that you are never too young to make a difference in the lives of those around you. We love meeting new people, so please join us for our next event!!
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