On to 2013–My New Years Post

Every year I see the calendar change from one year to the next and get motivated to make changes in my life. It seems I do pretty well with my resolutions or goals but never reach all of them. I guess I’d rather be an overachiever than underachiever when it comes to putting a plan together. January 2013 has been my month to reflect, organize and make changes. Here are some of the tops goals and changes I’m trying to accomplish this year.

At Home:
1.) Put together a home binder including information like important phone numbers, current address book, bill tracking system, list of credit cards/store cards, calendar, kid’s school papers, etc.
2.) Finish a little remodeling including the master bedroom. I’d love to see my dream bedroom go into construction this year. We bought our home because it was large but it was very outdated in style. Last year was the big kitchen remodel and we just finished our smallest bathroom in the basement. This year I really hope to see my bedroom transform.
3.) Organize my office. I won’t go into details with this one but let’s just say I need a personal assistant to keep up with the paperwork and clutter my office accumulates.

My kids:
1.) I hope to spend more time teaching them at home. Sometimes I get busy with the everyday routine, errands and work and I know I need to work harder at letting my inner teacher out.
2.) Clean out and organize space for toys, books, and other child related items. I’ve been working on this one for about 6 months but determined to finish the task this year.
3.) Somehow get my children to participate in household chores, preferably without constant bribery.

At Work:
1.) I hope to start a cleaner workflow system. Organizing every aspect of my business is top priority for me this month.
2.) I hope to update my website/blog. It is time for current photos, an easier format and a visually more “me” style!
3.) I vow to blog regularly once again. After my kids were home for the summer and then in Kindergarten in the fall, I lost track of all of my blogging. I have a whole string of new ideas for 2013 and am excited to share with everyone starting in February.  I better add more frequent newsletter to this list too!  I admit, I was bad at keeping this monthly at the end of last year!

What changes will you see for Just Peachy Photography this year?

I won’t get into details and let you see the changes as they come but I hope to get many of them rolling soon!  I’m SO excited to start my fourth year in business as of February 1st and hope to make it my best year yet!

* Changes in our current Collections and pricing.  You will see a separation of newborn portraits and all others offered as well as more Collections than this year to choose from.

* Every client that purchases our middle to upper end Collections will get a very special gift (I’ll save the details for our January newsletter which will be out this weekend)!

* More events like scheduled mini session events!

* Hopefully you will see our name in more places as we reach out to other bloggers and businesses.

* Updated website and blog

*  Faster turn around time on getting proof galleries ready!  I will do my best on this one but busy times of the year make it hard to get them up fast.

*  Headshots and product photography for small businesses (like those on Etsy or making handmade items)

*  Resource page on our blog with a list of our trusted vendors and children’s services

…and I’m sure many more as the year progresses!

What other changes would you like to see from Just Peachy Photography this year?

Please help us out and fill out our short survey HERE so we can make the right changes.  Anyone who fills it out will get 25 extra entries into our special 3rd Anniversary Celebration giveaway with over 20 prizes starting on Friday!  The giveaway will run all through the month of February so you have plenty of time!

What goals or changes are you making in 2013? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

A Blooper from our Valentine's Day session

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