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Welcome back to our Mom Around Town Blog Series!   I had the chance to interview a great entertainer that I met at the Arlington Park Family Days, Mr. Keith Cobb of IYQ Entertainment.   Mr. Cobb is humorous, friendly and great with children!   Make sure you check the bottom of the post for a special birthday party deal for IYQ Entertainment for Just Peachy Photography readers.

IYQ Entertainment Chicago

Owners Name: Keith Cobb

Business Name:  IYQ Entertainment



Year Established: 1991

Location: Des Plaines IL

Interview with Mr. Cobb:

What services does your business provide?  Magic shows and variety entertainment including, juggling, balloon art, face painting, and puppets.

How does your business benefit the families in the Chicago area?  I provide quality entertainment for parties and events which engages children and makes parties go smoothly for the hosts.

How did you get the idea to start performing for children/families?  I met some wonderful entertainers in my travels who really inspired me.

Can you share one memorable story from an experience you had related to your business?  I recently had the mother of the birthday child ask me for my card at a show.  She had been out of town and her husband had booked me.  When she read it she said, “I thought so.” and left me standing there puzzled.  She came back with a photo album from her childhood and opened it to a picture of her 5th birthday party.  She pointed to a picture and asked, is that you.  It was.   I had done her birthday party 20 years earlier.  The caption put in by her mother only said, “Allie helping Keith the Magician.”  Unbeknownst to them, her husband had hired the same magician she enjoyed as a child for their kids’ party.

What do you think makes your services quality?  Experience.  With over two decades of performing for children and families, I know how to make the most out of different celebration situations to get the most pleasurable experience for my customers.

Do you have anything you would like to tell us that is new for your business in 2013?  Within the last year I have introduced a new science show called Newton’s Noodle that is all about Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion.  I present the show with small objects that can be purchased cheaply or made at home like a small hovercraft made with an old cd a balloon and the cap of a water bottle.  Then bring out a big version of that object to show how it applies to them like a big hovercraft that I float a kid on.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about yourself? I offer three different shows for elementary school assemblies, eight different programs for libraries and day cares as well as themed character shows for birthday parties and family events.

Thank you Mr. Cobb for taking the time for the interview!  I really enjoyed watching you in action at Arlington Park’s Family Days events! 

Here are a couple of photos I took of Mr. Cobb in action!  He had a VERY long line throughout the whole event and I didn’t even see him take any breaks.  I could tell all of the kids and parents were thoroughly engaged with his performances throughout the day and even better, he really seemed to be having fun!   Mr. Cobb is offering any of our readers a special deal too!  Make sure you leave a message for Just Peachy Photography or Mr. Cobb about the post below!

If you mention “Just Peachy Photography”, when you book your next birthday party/event with IYQ Entertainment, you will receive a $25 discount! 

IYQ Entertainment Chicago

IYQ Entertainment Chicago

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