Big Brother Love–Northwest Suburbs of Chicago Children Photographer

I am not sure what is sweeter than when a younger sibling looks up to an older sibling!  I love the look on their face like they would follow them wherever they go.  My youngest does that with his older brothers all of the time.  It is so fun to watch!   The H Family were a lot of fun to work mostly because I’ve known their kids since they were born but also because they were so lively and energetic.  I love the expressions they gave me and after about only 30 seconds of warm up time, they were ready to ham it up for the camera!  Funny story, but there was a special cow at the location we were at so he got in a few of my photos too!   I mean, if a cow leans his big head over the fence where you are taking photographs and looks right at the camera, what are you to do!  You take his photo of course!  I hope the H Family loves these as much as I do!


Here is our cow! So funny!

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