Wedding Ceremony–Arlington Heights Illinois Wedding–Small Event Photography

Many times I have gotten requests to photograph weddings and many times I’ve turned them down.  I guess people tell you that you should “never say never” because you probably do whatever that is.   In the past, I did say that but you know what, a wedding came along that fit the size event I normally photograph and I booked it!

I’ll start by saying WHY I normally say “no” to photographing weddings.  First of all, they are all day events and I have three children.  I can’t be gone from morning until night on the weekends when I need time with my family.  Next, there is the fact that there is so much going on that you normally need an assistant or another person to photograph with you.  It is difficult to find someone that has a similar style and is easy to work with.  It is very much like hiring an employee.   Finally there is the idea that things go wrong at weddings and I never want that kind of responsibility.  We have all heard horror stories of people suing their photographer for hundreds of thousands of dollars because of something they didn’t like on that day.

M and H’s wedding came up and it fit the style of events I normally book.  It is was only 2 hours, less than 50 people and at one location.  The location was beautiful too!  They had it at the Metropolis Ballroom in downtown Arlington Heights.  The Vail Room, where they had the ceremony and a brief reception, was nicely decorated, yet was private and personal.  It is so great to be a part of someone’s special day and since this was my first wedding to photograph, it was a little emotional for me.  Don’t worry, I didn’t let it show but I was so happy for two lucky people to have found each other and overjoyed to see their two families joining together on this special day.  How amazing it must be to get extra sisters or brothers!  My favorite part was when they represented the two families joining together by having all of the children poor different colored sand into a glass vase and then M and H poured their own sand in the vase to start and end it.  These photos show it well.  I love seeing these unique additions to weddings!

Thank you M and H for having Just Peachy Photography there to photograph your very special day!  I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness!    Enjoy this slideshow of other images from M and H’s Wedding Day!

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