Capturing Autumn’s Magic | Your Guide to Fall Pictures

As the leaves begin to change and a crisp breeze fills the air, it’s the perfect time to capture the warmth and togetherness of your family with fall pictures. Whether you’re looking to update your family photos, create stunning holiday cards, or simply celebrate the beauty of the season, our Fall Family Mini Sessions are designed to encapsulate these special moments. Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions to guide you through this enchanting experience.

family of 3 in forest preserve in palatine, IL photograph taken by Just Peachy Photography

Why Choose Fall for Family Pictures?

Fall’s unique charm offers a stunning backdrop for family photos. The changing leaves create a breathtaking tapestry of colors, and the cool, crisp air lends a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere. This season’s beauty adds an extra layer of depth and richness to your family pictures, making them truly stand out.

What Makes Fall Family Mini Sessions Special?

Fall Family Mini Sessions offer a wonderful blend of convenience and beauty. With a shorter session time—typically around 10-15 minutes—you can capture genuine smiles, candid moments, and loving interactions without overwhelming your family or little ones. This makes them perfect for families with busy schedules or young children. They also are great for families that want a handful of the best images to adorn their walls. Just Peachy Photography has a beautiful variety of high quality art work available to purchase as well.

new family of 4 in park in palatine, IL photograph taken by Just Peachy Photography

How Should We Prepare for the Session?

Preparing for your Fall Family Mini Session is simple and enjoyable. Choose outfits that reflect your family’s style while considering the fall color palette. Coordinating colors and layers can add a touch of visual harmony to your family pictures. Keep comfort in mind, especially if you’re bringing young children. It is also a great idea to make sure everyone has coordinating shoes or boots, hair cuts, are fed and for babies, have a nap before.

What if the Weather Doesn’t Cooperate for Fall Pictures?

While the fall weather is generally delightful, we understand that it can be unpredictable. In the event of inclement weather, we’ll work closely with you to reschedule your session to ensure you capture the beauty of the season in optimal conditions.

family of 4 cuddling up together for fall pictures in Palatine IL by photographer Just Peachy Photography

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Fall Family Mini Session?

To get the most out of your Fall Family Mini Session, simply be yourselves! Interact, laugh, and enjoy your time together as I capture the genuine moments that define your family. Embrace the magic of the season, and let your love shine through in the photos.

Another great tip to really get the most out of your session is make sure to fill out the questionnaire I send to you. This allows me to know more about your family which helps me to prepare for our short session together. Also it communicates to me what you like and don’t like so be specific as possible!

What If We’re Camera-Shy or Uncomfortable Posing?

Don’t worry! I am skilled at creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. I focus on capturing genuine interactions and candid moments, so you can be yourselves while we work to showcase your family’s authentic connections. If you prefer posed images, I have lots of tricks to get the whole family smiling and laughing. With over 13 years of experience, you are in good hands! The main way to relax is aim to have fun!

family of 4 has fun for fall photos in Palatine, IL with photographer Just Peachy Photography

Can You Help Us Choose Outfits for Our Fall Pictures?

Absolutely! If you’re unsure about what outfits would work best, feel free to ask for suggestions. I can provide guidance on coordinating colors, styles, and layers that complement the fall atmosphere. I also will send our Family Clothing Guide to all clients that sign up for this special event. It showcases the best colors to wear and coordinate together as well as helpful hints on fabrics and accessories. In the fall, layering clothing can be a lot of fun as well as keep you warmer!

Can we bring our pet?

Absolutely! Bringing your pet to your fall photo session can add an extra layer of joy and personality to your pictures. Pets are beloved members of the family, and including them in your photos can create heartwarming and memorable moments. Whether it’s a playful pup, a curious cat, or any other furry friend, they can bring a sense of authenticity and happiness to your fall pictures. Just be sure to let me know in advance so they can plan accordingly and capture those delightful interactions.

Dad and his kids in Palatine woods photograph taken by Just Peachy Photography

How Soon Will We Receive Our Edited Proofs?

After the session, I will be working diligently to curate and edit your fall pictures. You can expect to receive your professionally edited proofs to choose from within a couple of weeks at the most.

Fall Family Mini Sessions offer a unique opportunity to celebrate your family’s love amidst the beauty of the season. From the vibrant fall leaves to the cozy atmosphere, these sessions create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re seeking family photos for your home, portrait products, or delightful holiday cards, the magic of fall sets the perfect stage.

So, as the leaves transform into a breathtaking symphony of colors, seize the moment to capture your family’s joy, love, and togetherness with our Fall Family Mini Sessions. Book your session early to secure your spot and create a timeless collection of family pictures that beautifully encapsulate this enchanting season.

family with 2 girls have fun at a park in Palatine walking and chatting together photograph taken by Just Peachy Photography

Do you have any questions that weren’t listed above? Email them to me at Erika@justpeachyphotog.com and I’m happy to add them to the list.

Palatine Holiday Photos | Santa Experience Mini Session 2023

It is already time to start thinking of the holidays! And I’m SO excited to share that Santa will be visiting our private studio in Palatine once again this year for our Santa Experience mini sessions. Santa has a lot of experience working with little ones and loves taking photos with them. I have worked with him 3 times now and am so excited that he is available to visit again this year. It really is a special experience for babies and children to meet Santa but there is nothing like meeting him in a private session in the studio. Santa can give your little ones all of the attention without any distractions like mall shoppers, helpers, or other children and their parents waiting in line for their turn whether patiently or impatiently. Your child will have Santa all to themselves! This truly is a magical memory for them.

My 3 year old and 7 year old were able to experience this last year and just had the best time with Santa. My little one cuddled up to him and made a new best friend. He took the best photos because he was with Santa. He can be a little sensitive to noises and distractions and this was the perfect opportunity for him. I could not believe how relaxed and happy he was through the whole experience. I love that I can offer this to my clients and new families too.

What is a Santa Experience?

A Santa Experience is more than just a photo or two with Santa like at a mall or other Santa visitor site locally. It is a time where a baby or child can get to know Santa. Young children can ask him questions. They can hold his magic key. Santa will read a book to them. Santa will joke around with them and knows how to make them more comfortable in a new setting. Finally Santa will end their visit with a special gift that they can open with him. And then when the experience is over at the studio, you will have a selection of beautifully professionally taken and edited images to enjoy forever! It really allows the experience to be alive forever as when you see those photos you will remember your child’s experience with Santa. There is truly nothing like it!

santa experience Palatine baby photographer

What is included in the Santa Experience mini session?

Each child or children that participates in the Santa Experience this year will have 10 private minutes with Santa to talk to him, give him high fives, be held by him (if a baby), read to by him, and be given a gift by him. After the session, I will send you a selection of 7+ digital files in a private online gallery to view. 5 digital files will be included in your Santa Experience. Most participants will have the option to purchase more if they choose. There are also a variety of products available to purchase from your final selected gallery such as prints, holiday cards and ornaments.

Santa visits with boy at Palatine Photo studio Just Peachy Photography

When and where does the Santa Experience mini session take place?

The Santa Experience mini session will take place on Saturday, December 2nd from 9-11am by appointment only. The appointment times will be 10 minutes. You are welcome to schedule all of your children at once for this event. After 2 children there is a $15 fee for each additional child. I also highly recommend scheduling 2 sessions for multiple children so that they have more individual time with Santa. Either way, you will receive photos of your children together and separate with Santa if you wish.

Our Santa Experience mini session will take place in our private studio with a special holiday backdrop. The studio is located at 117 W. Slade Street in downtown Palatine behind My Flavor It Place.

Sweet baby interacts with Santa at Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL

How do I sign up for a Santa Experience mini session?  

Head to our website here to sign up for this special event.  Just choose the date and time you want for this event and pay the required $150 session fee.  Shortly after you book your session, I will send you a contract to sign to complete your booking. Finally, you will receive a reminder and prep information before the date of your session.

How do I find out information about upcoming mini sessions? 

If anyone is interested in being the first to know about our upcoming events, you can follow Just Peachy Photography on social media on Facebook and/or Instagram or the best way is by signing up for our email list.  I send a monthly newsletter as well as notices of all upcoming events or promotions.  My email list gets first priority to sign up for these events and many book up fast!  

Interested in more special events from Just Peachy Photography? Check out our special events page on our website here. If you have any questions about this event or others, please contact the studio at 224-801-1680 or Erika@justpeachyphotog.com.

What types of photography portrait sessions can I book?

Just Peachy Photography offers 2 types of portraits sessions regularly and then also mini session events.  We also offer small event photography services for events such as birthday parties, bapisms, anniversary parties, showers and more. You can find an example of an event I photographed as well as more details on this blog post or this one. Signature, petite and mini sessions are available to clients during the whole year.  I always get asked what is the difference between all of the portrait sessions I offer. I’m happy to share that today!

What is a Signature Portrait Session? 

A signature portrait session is a full length portrait session with a complete set of images to download for clients.  Our clients receive all of the images from the session. They do not have to choose the ones they want from their gallery.  Usually clients receive anywhere between 35-50 fully edited portraits in color and black and white. After their session, clients can order prints and custom printed products from those files from our favorite vendors as well. 

Signature portrait sessions include more outfit changes, backdrops and poses as well.  The signature newborn session is about 1.5-3 hours on average. While other sessions like family, baby and maternity are an average of 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours. You can read about our signature posed newborn session in-studio here on our website.  Outdoor signature sessions include locations up to 20 miles from the studio. Indoor signature sessions take place in our quaint beautiful studio space in downtown Palatine, IL located at 117 W. Slade Street behind My Flavor It Place. Finally, if you would like to book a session in your home, you can book a Lifestyle Session. They are the most popular for babies just born or during the first few months but available at any time. You can find details of a Lifestyle Session on the post here.

What is a Petite Portrait Session? 

A petite portrait session is a shorter, condensed session.  Most sessions on average are about 20-30 minutes with the petite newborn session being closer to 45 minutes long.  The newborn session includes baby only and one backdrop or outfit change.  Other sessions include one outfit or backdrop change. The petite session package includes 10 edited digital files. There are usually 15-20 images to choose from in all of the galleries. My clients always have the option to purchase additional images. I also offer a variety of custom printed products for clients to decorate their homes. Outdoor petite sessions include locations up to 10 miles from the studio. While, indoor signature sessions take place in our quaint beautiful studio space in downtown Palatine, IL located at 117 W. Slade Street behind My Flavor It Place.

What is a Mini Session? 

A mini session is a special limited event session where clients have the choice of many times on the same date and are scheduled one after the other.  The mini sessions are always themed and many have unique themed backdrops for children and babies. The mini portrait sessions usually lasts 5-10 minutes in the studio and 15 minutes outdoors.  Due to the nature of the session, I always offer mini sessions to my clients at a discounted rate.  Usually clients pay a separate small session fee to sign up for a mini session. They can then purchase images from their private edited gallery after their session if they choose.  Family sessions usually include a handful of digital files. Then clients have the option to purchase additional images if they choose. 

Most years clients of Just Peachy Photography in Palatine can expect to see Valentine’s Day, Spring, Halloween and Holiday sessions in the studio and Fall Family mini sessions outdoors in October.   Every year we have two free events.  The first free event is in the summer to show customer appreciation to our current clients. This also allows new clients to try out our services.  The second event I offer is in October the week before Halloween and babies and children are invited to the studio for a free session to get adorable portraits in their Halloween costumes.  This one is a charity event and requires a small donation to the Palatine Food Pantry to participate.

I like to be creative with new ideas for mini sessions every year and so clients will see new ones pop up all of the time.  One of my most popular mini session events is the Lovey and Stuffy mini sessions where babies and toddlers can come in and take a portrait with their favorite stuffed animal, blanket or other favorite comfort toy.  This year I introduced our Birthday Mini Sessions which I will offer once a quarter for birthday portraits.  You can find more information on the blog post here.

How do I find out information about upcoming mini sessions? 

If anyone is interested in being the first to know about our upcoming events, you can follow Just Peachy Photography on social media on Facebook and/or Instagram or the best way is by signing up for our email list.  I send a monthly newsletter as well as notices of all upcoming events or promotions.  My email list gets first priority to sign up for these events and many book up fast!  

Palatine Mini Session Photographer | NEW Birthday Mini Sessions

Who is ready for our big announcement???  Just Peachy Photography is now available to book Birthday Mini Sessions! I am starting to be known as the Queen of Mini Sessions in the Chicago area! I love mini sessions so much as do my clients!  If you haven’t participated in one, I highly recommend it!  They range from 5-15 minutes and are super short and sweet!

I am very excited to announce that Just Peachy Photography will be adding on yet another new mini session event this year!  I believe this one will be very popular as it is the perfect way to get a few beautiful themed birthday portraits without scheduling a whole long session.  

What are Birthday Mini Sessions?

Birthday mini sessions are scheduled one time a quarter throughout the year to accommodate all of the birthdays in that quarter.  Birthday mini sessions can be scheduled before or after your child’s birthday. They will be 10 minutes long and include 5+ edited proofs to choose from.  One backdrop will be available for the 4 quarters and then a new one will be selected after May 4th (which is the last date for this backdrop).  

The backdrops/themes will always be gender neutral and I will have gold number birthday balloons from 1-9 available for children to hold of you wish them to.  Parents are welcome to bring additional birthday props except any food items.  Additionally, there will be no cake smash options will be available for this events but clients can choose to schedule a personal cake smash session with this backdrop another time.  Just contact the studio for details.  

How much does it cost?

Birthday mini sessions cost $50.  This is not including any digital files or printed products.  Digital files will be $25 each or the full gallery for $150.  Other custom printed products will be available for purchase for these sessions as well.  Birthday sessions are for the birthday boy or girl only. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event I will not be photographing siblings for this event. If you have twins, I will make an exception but clients would need to book two spots in a row.

What are some items I can bring to my session?

Parents can bring items like custom birthday shirts/outfits, birthday hat, balloons, a small wrapped birthday gift, favorite book or toy, other simple decorations with their age on it, etc.  You do not have to bring anything special to your session.

Where and when does the Birthday Mini Session take place? 

This studio mini session takes place in our private studio in Palatine, IL.  I will schedule one mini session each quarter. 

The dates to sign up for this special event will be:

Saturday, August 12th 2023

Saturday, November 11th, 2023

Saturday, February 17th, 2023

Saturday, May 4th, 2023

Session times will be available every 10 minutes from 9-11am on each of these dates.

How do I sign up?  

Head to our website here to sign up for this special event.  I will schedule a new event with a new theme/backdrop next year if this first year of the event goes well.  Just choose the date and time you want for this event and pay the required $50 session fee.  Shortly after you book your session, I will send you a contract to sign to complete your booking. Finally, you will receive a reminder and prep information before the date of your session.

Interested in more special events from Just Peachy Photography? Check out our special events page on our website here. If you have any questions about this event or others, please contact the studio at 224-801-1680 or Erika@justpeachyphotog.com.

Palatine Area Photo Studio | What is a Posed Newborn Session?

Earlier this month, I wrote about What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session and you can view that here. I love the personal feeling of visiting my clients’ homes and photographing their families there. My most popular session is the Posed Newborn Session which takes place in my private studio in Palatine, IL. There are benefits to both types of session but the posed session provides the best lighting usually. Occasionally I visit my client’s homes and they have the most dream lighting to work with. However, many times I have to be creative on how to use the light in their homes to get the best out of their photos. Lighting is the most important thing in a portrait as it really changes the whole mood and quality of the photo. It also can be more or less flattering for my client.

Lighting is the most important thing in a portrait.

So now, the question is, “What is a Posed Newborn Session?”

A posed newborn session takes place in the studio with studio lighting and neutral backdrops. It allows for clean images that are very timeless in nature. I prefer to work with neutral backdrops and organic style props, such as wooden crates, bowls and buckets. I love to wrap babies in beautiful fabrics. It is fun to see babies in a timeless bonnet and other cute outfits too.

Feminine baby girl newborn photo | Palatine newborn photographer

My studio has thousands of props.

These are things that are accessible to me and my clients in the studio. My studio has thousands of props and accessories. This includes but isn’t limited to flokati rugs, blankets, fabric backdrops, larger paper and cloth backdrops for family, cute outfits for baby, bonnets, fabric wraps and cloth decorative pieces for stuffing props, textured materials for stuffing props, wood floors, themed backdrops, headbands for little girls, little pillows for under babies head, and so much more! The studio has everything for your session and you really only need to think about baby’s personal needs (ex. bottles of milk, pacifier, diapers, etc.).

My clients come in and have everything accessible to them which is another huge benefit of a posed studio session. I prefer to start with family images first. This will include mom and dad if my clients just had their first baby or the whole family if there are other children. Occasionally I even have grandparents join in on the fun and that always brings a smile to my face. I love to capture multiple generations in one photo or a grandparent with their grandchildren. I think this provides the whole family with a beautiful memory of that moment forever.

New parents kiss baby girl | Palatine baby photographer

This is a big part of why I became a professional photographer.

I love to document all of those special moments in my clients’ lives but also to preserve memories of people. To me, the portraits I take allow people to be seen and remembered clearly even when they leave this earth. If you have lost someone close to you, you will know that photos help us remember them so much more clearly and become cherished and dear to us.

Most people if faced with the crisis of a fire say that they would attempt to save photographs of their family before any other possessions. That is how precious and loved our photos are and I want to be sure to get those beautiful new moments of a family 3 or more. We only have those firsts once in life and then we move onto something new. We can never go back to those moments again but can bring our minds back to them again through photos.

After I capture the family together, I like to photograph mom and dad with baby individually. There are usually 2-4 poses each that I like to photograph with each of them depending on how many other people and set ups there are. Next, I will move on to the sibling portraits. I love to photograph toddlers or older children with their new baby brother or sister. It brings a warm feeling to my heart to imagine how close they will be as they grow up together. I have several poses for each age group to make sure I can get some beautiful memories of that first connection they have together. Sometimes it is a candid moment and other times my little clients ham it up for the camera and pose perfectly for me. Either way, they always are beautiful memories for the family.

big sister and baby brother in Palatine studio | posed newborn session

I always consult with my clients.

The final part of the session is for baby by him or herself. I start with 2-4 poses on the floor which includes props on the hardwood floor or some on the flokati rugs. I have two hardwood floor options, an off-white or dark wood. They both are beautiful and have different props that coordinate with each.

I feel the dark wood floor images produce beautiful black and white portraits. After the floor images I set up my beanbag stand with 2 blankets for the beanbag. I always consult with my clients on what colors they prefer as I do for all of the session details. I attempt anywhere from 3-6 poses on the beanbag for a different look.

older newborn baby photo | Palatine baby photographer

That takes us to the end of the session. On average a newborn session takes about 1.5-2.5 hours. It is usually on the longer side with siblings and extended family members added in. Sometimes baby is a little fussy or needs more breaks and it can extend a little longer. With my clients using the newborn prep guide I send and preparing baby, it usually cuts down on the session time.

I like to keep things calm and simple and flow through the session with ease. If one pose or prop doesn’t work, I am quick to move to another idea. I do not like to force things and my style is very baby centered so baby stays comfortable and happy. Many times I find cute wrapped poses to ensure baby’s comfort especially if they are a little older. Ideally I like babies to be between 6-21 days old for a posed newborn session. However, I’ve had many older babies in the studio for a posed newborn session. We just adjust for their larger size and they usually are awake longer during the session.

First family of 4 portrait | Chicago Area newborn session
Dad and baby snuggling together | Chicago area baby photos

Are you curious about a posed newborn session for your family? You can view all of our offered sessions here. We do offer a petite session that is 30-40 minutes for baby only. This does not include family, siblings or anyone else. The signature or deluxe sessions include family. Contact the studio for more details at 224-801-1680 or our website here.

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