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baby girl lifting on arms at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Palatine IL | baby milestone portraits

The first year of a baby’s life is a whirlwind of fleeting moments, each one as precious as the next. At Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL, we are dedicated to capturing these short-lived yet profoundly significant moments. These baby milestone pictures not only freeze time but also encapsulate the magic of your child’s early development. It is important to cherish these fleeting moments and know the best times to get professional portraits taken baby’s first year.

baby boy walking at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Arlington Heights park | baby milestone portraits

First Movement at Around 4 Months Old

At around 4 months of age, something magical happens in a baby’s development. They start to lift up on their belly. This seemingly simple action is a significant milestone, marking the beginning of their journey towards mobility and independence. It’s during this stage that parents often notice their baby’s curiosity flourishing. It is a fun stage as they smile more at people talking and looking at them. Sometimes we even see one of my favorite poses at this stage. The baby is on their back and grabbing their toes. This is the first milestone recommended for our Baby Club Members and is always a favorite with parents. Our studio located in Palatine, IL has a large assortment of adorable outfits and accessories for babies at this milestone stage for our clients to use at their session.

baby girl in pink lifting on arms at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Palatine IL

Sitting Unassisted at Around 6 Months Old

Around 5-8 months old, babies begin to sit unassisted. This newfound ability opens up a world of possibilities for adorable photo opportunities. The studio is well-equipped to make the most of this milestone. We use creative props and backgrounds to add an extra layer of charm to each picture. These photos don’t just showcase your baby’s physical development but also their blooming personality. They express joy, curiosity, and sometimes, a hint of mischief. This is always a must have milestone moment with a variety of cute poses. Some include sitting up in props, sitting unassisted, laying down and looking up smiling, grabbing toes on back and lots of giggles. Usually babies are very social and smiley at this fun stage. Our client closet is stocked with many fun outfits and accessories for babies around this age.

baby girl laughing at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Palatine IL | baby milestone portraits
baby boy sitting in bowl at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Palatine IL

Standing and Walking at 1 Year Old

As your baby reaches their first birthday, they may be taking their first steps or even confidently walking around. This is an incredibly significant milestone, marking the transition from babyhood to toddlerhood. I understand that this stage is not just about movement but also about capturing the boundless energy, infectious laughter, and pure excitement that accompany the first steps. Just Peachy Photography has many props, backdrops, and skills to get those beautiful baby milestone pictures at one year. One fun way to celebrate the one year old milestone is with a cake smash session. Baby gets to sit and eat a decorative cake usually for the first time. They get to explore, eat and make art with their cake. It is a lot of fun for the parents and many times baby too.

baby boy standing with stool prop at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Palatine IL | baby milestone portraits
baby girl walking at one year old at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Palatine IL | baby milestone portraits

It is Time to Capture Your Own Baby Milestone Pictures

Just Peachy Photography portrait studio excels in capturing the essence of these milestone moments in your baby’s first year. We transform these moments into tangible memories that will warm your heart for generations to come. So, whether it’s the 4-month belly lift, the 6-month unassisted sitting, or the 1-year-old’s first steps, don’t miss the opportunity to capture these magical moments. Your baby’s first year is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, and baby milestone pictures are the perfect way to celebrate it.

If you know you want to capture all of the milestones in baby’s first year, the Just Peachy Photography Baby Club may be a perfect fit for your baby! There is even a VIP Baby Club Option with access to a portrait session every month baby’s first year to make sure you capture every moment. If parents want to be included in the portrait fun, they can book a family session and can get milestone baby pictures too!

baby girl pink and gold cake smash session at Just Peachy Photography Baby Portrait Studio in Palatine IL

Family Holiday Photo Sessions in Chicago Area | Capturing the Spirit of the Season

family poses for in studio holiday family photo session with Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL

The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy, and creating cherished memories with your loved ones. What better way to commemorate these special moments than with Family Holiday Photo Mini Sessions? If you’re in or near Palatine, IL, you’re in for a treat, as we’re offering family holiday mini sessions that will capture the magic of the season right here in our studio.

2 boys and 1 girl pose for in studio holiday family photo session with Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL
boy smiles with present at holiday family photo session with Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL

The Essence of Family Holiday Photo Sessions

The holiday season is a time when families come together to celebrate and share their love and happiness. These moments are treasured, and the essence of this season is encapsulated through the art of photography. Our Family Holiday Photo Sessions have been designed to capture this spirit, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Location, Timing and Other Details

Our Palatine, IL studio has the perfect holiday backdrops for your family’s holiday photos. The backdrops this year are Farmhouse Jingle Lights or Peppermint Living Room. You can see a few sample images of these backdrops below. The event is happening from 1-3pm on Saturday, December 2nd by appointment only. From 1-2pm the backdrop will be Farmhouse Jingle Lights and from 2-3pm it will be Peppermint Living Room. Sessions are 15 minutes for up to 5 immediate family members and include 5 digital files for $200. Your gallery will have 10+ images to choose from and clients have the opportunity to purchase additional images from there gallery as well as custom products from our online store after their digital purchase has been completed.

a boy and girl pose for in studio holiday family photo session with Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL
close sibling pose in studio holiday family photo session with Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL
girl smiles big in beautiful holiday dress in studio holiday family photo session with Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL

Treasured Keepsakes

At the core of our Family Holiday Photo Sessions are the treasured keepsakes you can choose to purchase for your home. In addition to your digital photos, a range of products are offered to you to help you relive the magic of the day throughout the year.

  1. Custom Ornaments: Transform your family photo into a beautiful custom ornament, which will adorn your tree for years to come. These ornaments make for wonderful gifts and keepsakes.
  2. Holiday Cards: Share the holiday spirit with personalized holiday cards featuring your family’s joyful moment. Send them to friends and family, spreading the love and warmth of the season.
  3. Framed Prints: Elevate your home decor with professionally framed prints of your favorite holiday photo. Every glance will bring back the happiness and love shared during your session.

Need more ideas on how to make the most of your Family Holiday Photos? Check out this blog post that shares even more ways that Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL can help you display your beautiful holiday portraits during the holiday season or through the whole year!

holiday card product offered by Just Peachy Photography studio in Palatine IL

Booking Your Family Holiday Photo Session

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture the spirit of the holiday season with your loved ones. Your Family Holiday Photo Session can be booked with us today by clicking on the graphic below. Our sessions are by appointment only, so be sure to reserve your spot at a time that suits your family’s schedule. Open the link below and see the available times for this event. REMEMBER THAT THE FIRST 4 SESSIONS FROM 1-2PM ARE FOR THE FARMHOUSE JINGLE BACKDROP AND THE LAST 4 SESSIONS FROM 2-3PM ARE FOR THE PEPPERMINT LIVING ROOM BACKDROP. If you have any questions, contact me at the studio at Erika@justpeachyphotog.com or 224-801-1680.

If you would like to book a holiday session with more time, a different backdrop (we have 3 available for families) or another date, see our options for private family sessions. Have another idea? I love to accommodate family’s ideas for their own holiday magic! Some clients have me at their homes for more of a lifestyle photo session for the holidays too!

Palatine Halloween Mini Sessions for Charity: Capturing Spooktacular Fun for a Worthy Cause

boy in spiderman costume at free event in Palatine IL for Halloween

The bewitching season of Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by giving back to the community while capturing precious memories? This year, our Palatine studio is excited to announce another series of fun Halloween Mini Sessions for Charity in support of a noble cause – the Palatine Food Pantry. These spooktacular sessions are designed for kids aged 2 months and up, ensuring that even the tiniest ghouls and goblins can join in on the festivities. Read on to discover how you can be a part of this heartwarming event that combines the spirit of Halloween with the joy of charity.

Winnie the Pooh baby costume at Palatine Halloween event at Just Peachy Photography studio

Halloween Mini Sessions for Charity

At our Palatine studio, we believe in the magic of giving back. Every Halloween, we partner with the Palatine Food Pantry to bring you a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need. The concept is simple yet impactful – all you need to do to participate in these mini sessions is bring along two items for donation per child participating. These items will go directly to the food pantry, helping to ensure that everyone in our community can enjoy a wholesome meal, even during these trying times.

Boy in Jedi costume at Palatine Halloween event at Just Peachy Photography studio
Little boy playing drums in The Muppets Animal costume at Palatine Halloween event at Just Peachy Photography studio

Capturing Halloween Spirit in only 5 Minutes

We understand that kids have their own pace and comfort zones. That’s why our Halloween Mini Sessions are designed to be just 5 minutes long, ensuring that even the youngest participants stay engaged and happy throughout the session. Every year we have a new Halloween-themed backdrop that’s perfect to capture an amazing portrait of your tiny pumpkin, mischievous witch, or charming vampire! I know just how to capture those spontaneous giggles, wide-eyed wonder, and adorably creative costumes in a flash.

girl in cat costume at Palatine Halloween event at Just Peachy Photography studio
Boy in paratrooper costume at Palatine Halloween event at Just Peachy Photography studio

Preserving Memories with Halloween Photos

While the mini sessions themselves are free with the donation of two food items, we also offer an opportunity to preserve these cherished Halloween memories. For only $25 each, you can obtain digital files of the mini session, allowing you to relive those adorable moments for years to come. Whether you want to share these snapshots with family and friends or create a delightful Halloween-themed scrapbook, these digital files will be a treasure trove of joy.

Toddler in pumpkin costume at Palatine Halloween event at Just Peachy Photography studio

Supporting the Palatine Food Pantry

By participating in our Halloween mini sessions, you’re not only creating heartwarming memories for your family but also making a significant contribution to the Palatine Food Pantry. Your generosity will help families in our community enjoy meals, feel supported, and experience the true spirit of unity during this festive season.

Boy in homemade Little Petey costume at Palatine Halloween event at Just Peachy Photography studio

Are you ready to book your Halloween Photo Session?

This Halloween, let’s come together as a community to celebrate the joy of giving, the magic of childhood, and the spirit of Halloween. Just Peachy Photography’s Halloween Mini Sessions for Charity are a delightful way to capture the essence of this enchanting season while making a positive impact on the lives of others. With a 5-minute session, a Halloween-themed backdrop, and the option to preserve these memories through digital files, there’s no reason to miss out on this spooktacular opportunity. Join us in spreading smiles, laughter, and goodwill, one mini session at a time!

Sweet girl in fairy costume in Palatine Halloween Photos event

If you are looking for family photos for the fall season, make sure you check out our Fall Family Mini Sessions event in October or view our website for our family sessions offered regularly. Fall session dates are booking fast so don’t wait long!

Making Memories Last: 5 Ways to Utilize Holiday Photos

The holiday season is synonymous with capturing the magic of cherished moments through professional holiday photos. These images freeze time and encapsulate the warmth and happiness of the festive season. At Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL, we understand the importance of these memories. We offer you an array of ways to effortlessly utilize your professional holiday photos. From crafting personalized holiday cards and custom ornaments to creating unforgettable calendars, there are many options. Also our studio offers acrylic blocks that enhance the holiday spirit. Let’s explore how our studio can turn your holiday memories into lasting treasures.

2 boys and a girl celebrate the holidays with professional holiday photos | Just Peachy Photography Palatine IL

1. Heartfelt Holiday Cards Made Easy

Sending out holiday cards becomes an effortless delight with Just Peachy Photography. Our studio’s expertise lies in capturing candid moments and heartwarming professional holiday photos. We’re excited to help you choose the perfect image for your cards. We’ve streamlined the process through our online store. There you can easily select your favorite image(s), customize your message, and create personalized holiday cards that radiate the joy of the season. There is need to worry about design or printing at all.

2. Custom Ornaments, Curated for You

Transforming your holiday memories into custom ornaments is a seamless process with Just Peachy Photography. Our Palatine studio offers a range of options to turn your favorite holiday images into cherished keepsakes. The right image will be selected and expertly printed onto ornaments for you. These ornaments can adorn your tree or become heartfelt gifts for loved ones. Our online store simplifies the experience, allowing you to relive those magical moments every year without hassle.

3. Personalized Decor Tailored for Clients

Elevate your seasonal home decor by incorporating our special moments captured at your holiday photo session. At Just Peachy Photography, we understand the desire to infuse your space with personal touches during the holidays. Our studio’s images can be beautifully framed and displayed around your home, bringing warmth and nostalgia to your holiday decor. With our expertise, you can effortlessly create a gallery-style arrangement that sparks conversations and showcases your unique holiday celebrations.

Family of 5 celebrate the holidays with professional holiday photos | Just Peachy Photography Palatine IL

4. Unforgettable Calendars Made Simple

Crafting unforgettable calendars from your professional holiday photos is a breeze with Just Peachy Photography. Our studio offers an array of options to turn your memories into cherished gifts. Our online store and expert service take the guesswork out of the process. You can trust us to create high-quality, personalized calendars that keep the holiday spirit alive throughout the year. What a way to enjoy your favorite holiday photos!

5. Enhance the Holiday Spirit with Acrylic Blocks

Just Peachy Photography excels in creating themed keepsakes that truly capture the essence of your professional holiday photos. Imagine acrylic blocks adorned with your favorite holiday images. They will be ready to be displayed on your table to enhance the festive atmosphere. These blocks not only radiate warmth but are also easy to pack away for the next year. With our online store and expert guidance, you can effortlessly design and order these personalized acrylic blocks, adding a touch of holiday magic to your decor.

Two brothers snuggle for holiday portraits with photographer Just Peachy Photography

Taking Pride in Our Professional Holiday Photos

At Just Peachy Photography, we take pride in turning your professional holiday photos into cherished memories that last a lifetime. With our seamless online store and expert service, we make it easy for you. You can reate personalized holiday cards, custom ornaments, unforgettable calendars, and acrylic blocks that enhance the holiday spirit. This holiday season, let us handle the details while you bask in the joy of reliving those magical moments. Embrace the spirit of the holidays and let Just Peachy Photography transform your memories into warm treasures.

Tiny 2 month old baby sleeps in basket for holiday photos with photographer Just Peachy Photography

Just Peachy Photography offers so many options for professional holiday photos including holiday mini sessions for children and families. You can visit our special events page to see the most recent mini sessions. Also clients can request any of our holiday backdrops for their own personal baby or family session in the studio. Baby photo session information can be found on the Just Peachy Photography website. Family session information can be found on the website as well. I love to make holiday sessions special every year and capture special details that can be enjoyed year after year!

Sisters embrace at holiday photo shoot by photographer Just Peachy Photography in Palatine, IL

Chicago Area Family Photographer | Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event 2023

As the crisp air prepares to usher in the enchanting beauty of Autumn, I am thrilled to introduce the Fun Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event this year! 🍂📸

Fall Family Mini Sessions 2023 Palatine, IL Just Peachy Photography

Embrace the Magic of the Season with Family Photography

There’s something truly magical about the fall season—the vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold dancing in the breeze, the cozy embrace of sweaters, and the joy of spending quality time with loved ones. I have designed the Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event to capture the heartwarming moments and transform them into cherished memories.

What is a Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event?

The Fun Fall Family Mini Sessions are thoughtfully curated photography sessions. They are carefully designed to capture the essence of your family’s unique bond. These sessions offer a perfect opportunity to update your family pictures, create unforgettable holiday cards, or simply document the love that binds your family together. I schedule sessions all in one location right after each other. I also make the fall mini sessions shorter in order to allow for special pricing compared to private sessions.

family posing for fall family mini sessions in Palatine, IL
Palatine family photographer Just Peachy Photographer captures beautiful moment with brother and sister for fall family mini sessions

How long does it take to create these timeless memories?

In the span of a short session—typically 10-15 minutes— I myself, with over 13 years of experience, will guide you through heartwarming interactions, capturing candid moments and posed portraits that showcase the love your family shares. From parents sharing a knowing glance to children reveling in the joy of the season, each photograph becomes a window into your family’s story.

What is included in the Fall Family Mini Session photography event?

My MOST POPULAR event of the year includes 10 or more edited images to choose from in an online gallery. It is easy to order from our online shopping cart. 5 digital files are included at the low price of $200. Additional digital files are $25 or the full gallery for $150. Most galleries are 15-20 images total. All digital files that are purchased are delivered in color and black and white in clients’ final gallery.

Do you have more questions? I recommend that you visit the blog post 5 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Fall Family Mini Sessions. This post will provide you with even more information about this fun event. I have included even more photo examples to enjoy from our event last year too.

family cuddles together serenely in Palatine IL as photographer Just Peachy Photographer has fall family mini session event
fall photo of siblings cuddling together Palatine Children and Family Photography Just Peachy Photography

Perfect for Holiday Cards

The holiday season is just around the corner! What better way to spread cheer than with personalized holiday cards adorned with your family’s smiles? The Fall Family Mini Session is an ideal opportunity to create memories to include in your holiday cards. They will radiate warmth and love. Picture your family surrounded by fall’s beauty, sharing season’s greetings that touch the hearts of everyone who receives them.

The Joy of Togetherness

A Fall Family Mini Session isn’t just about capturing pictures—it’s about celebrating togetherness. It’s about embracing the fun of playing in fallen leaves, stealing a ticklish moment with your little ones, and creating memories that resonate with the laughter echoing through the crisp fall air.

Fall family mini session with sweet smiling family by Just Peachy Photography in Palatine IL
sweet moment with happy family in fall photos by Just Peachy Photography in Palatine IL

Dressing Your Family for the Fall Season

Choosing the right outfits for your Fall Family Mini Session can enhance the overall look and feel of your photographs. Think cozy scarves, rich earth tones, and perhaps a touch of plaid. While coordinating outfits adds a harmonious touch to your family pictures, remember that being comfortable is just as important. After all, when you’re relaxed, your genuine joy shines through in your photos. After booking, I am happy to share our Family Clothing Guide with you. This will ensure that you have an easy time dressing your family.

baby in fall leaves in Palatine IL for fall family mini sessions event by Just Peachy Photography

Join me in the fun of a Fall Family Mini Session

As the leaves change and the air turns crisper, the allure of the fall season beckons us to embrace its magic. A Fall Family Mini Session is a chance to do just that—to revel in the joy of togetherness, bask in the beauty of fall colors, and create photographs that will be treasured for years to come. And even better, when your session is done, I am available if needed to help you. You have the option to order prints, holiday cards, wall art and any other printed products to adorn your home with your family’s love.

Do you have any additional questions or want to see more fun examples of our Fall Family Mini Sessions? I recommend reading over our blog post on frequently asked questions about our Fall Mini Session Event.

Are you ready to capture the heart and soul of your family against the enchanting backdrop of autumn? Join me for the Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event and let us tell your family’s story through pictures that resonate with love, laughter, and the spirit of the season. Click on the photo below to reserve your spot and embark on a journey of creating timeless memories together. 🍁📸

If you cannot make it to this special event this year, you are welcome to contact the studio and set up a private session with Just Peachy Photography. Visit our website here to see what family sessions are offered. I have VERY limited spots available for this very popular fall season of family photos!

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