20 Kids, Oh My!–Chicago Northwest Suburban Portrait Playdate Photography

It was a crazy day! Storms, more storms, more storms, a little sun, sprinkle and finally sun right before our big portrait playdate! There were a group of 13 brand new Kindergarten students that have been in a playgroup since birth. I got the chance to meet some of these kids last summer and it was fun to see how much they’ve grown in just one year! The fun part is that we added their younger siblings for some of the images too. That made about 20 kids in all!

I will tell you it got a little crazy with 12 moms, 20 kids (5 yrs. old and younger) and a photographer but it was a good time and I think we did pretty good with the results!

Here are some sneak peeks although moms, if your kid is not looking or facing the camera, I MIGHT have a copy of that pose where they are and can fix it later. This is just a preliminary proof:)

They they are the cute little Kindergarten kids!

They broke into smaller groups as well.

Love these 4!


The beautiful moms of the adorable kids!

Thanks again for putting together such a great Portrait Playdate!

If you want to organize your own portrait playdate, contact us for details! The person who organizes earns print credits from the event:) Erika@justpeachyphotog.com

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