Angry Birds Birthday Party–Palatine, IL Birthday Party Photographer

As hard as it is to believe my twins turned 6 years old this month!  I wish someone could tell me where the time went!  They are big fans of Angry Birds and lately everything that enters our house has an Angry Bird on it so naturally they requested an Angry Birds birthday party.  What better time than Memorial Day weekend when out of town guests have the whole weekend to travel and they have a long weekend to recuperate after before school starts up.

I had fun picking out some fun Angry Birds themed activities on Pinterest and wanted to share some of the fun we had!

angry birds centerpiece

Fun Angry Birds Fruit Pizza-I used frosting for eyes instead of bananas and cantaloupe for beak instead of oranges

angry birds ball

Painted Ball for Box Knock-Down activity

angry birds goody bags

Angry Birds Goody Bags

angry birds pizza

Red Angry Bird Pepperoni Pizza

Angry Birds Cheese Pizza

Angry Birds Cheese Pizza

Angry birds birthday party activity

Box knockdown activity!

Angry Birds Pinata

Angry Birds Pinata

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds Cake--Yes, we made it!

blow out candles

Love this one! They blew the candles out at the same time!

angry birds t-shirt

Coloring their Angry Birds t-shirts! My husband had to draw all of the birds!

Angry Birds Pig

Being silly with the balloon cut out decorations!

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