Pink Cheeks-6 Months Old-Northwest Suburbs of Chicago Baby Photography

It is such a joy to watch little ones grow up!  I remember when I could hold my preemie twins in my arms and they didn’t even reach to my elbows.   Then I blinked and I could barely carry two at a time anymore.  Babies grow so quickly and I love to see all of the little details that change in a photo.   One of my favorite changes are cheeks!  Those chubby little baby cheeks fill out usually around 3-4 months and by 6 months old, they are just perfect!  Another thing I love at this stage is the new teeth!  Not all babies have teeth by now.  My twins didn’t get their first teeth until a year old but many do have them.  The gummy smiles are the best but I love seeing those 2 little teeth that shows how they have grown and changed in a short couple of months.

It is true that there are MANY things I love about my job!  I mean, cuddling sweet babies, has to be number one but there are so many more!  Watching my clients’ children change and grow is definitely at the top of this list too!  I love A’s pink cheeks and feel so lucky to be a part of her life even if just a small way.  I got to cuddle her during those first few weeks as a newborn and photograph those first details that made her up.  Then I got to come and see how she had grown and filled out and witness some of her first big smiles.   Now I got to see how strong she got being able to sit up all on her own and lift up on her tummy!  Those cheeks are all chubby and filled out and her hair is starting to fill out and she still has those beautiful blue eyes.  Yes, I notice all of the details and always strive to photograph the sweet expressions, baby parts and growth as it happens!  I remember all of the “faces” my own kids made through the years and love looking back to see them in a photo.  “Ahh, I remember when he made that face,”  I would say to my husband and we’d both smile.  I hope in a few years the S Family can have the same conversation from the portraits that I can provide them.

Here are some beautiful images of little A!  I can’t wait until our next session together!

Do you have a little one that you would like me to photograph?  Send me a message and tell me about them!

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