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Last week little H came to see me for his newborn portraits!  He was one of those babies that was so comfortable in his Mommy that he did not want to come out.  Mom contacted me and let me know that she was being induced and shortly after little H was born.  He was such a sweet cuddler and like many babies I work with, loved to be rocked too.    Sadly he had just picked up a cold and was having trouble breathing and being put on his back so we had trouble getting the usual poses.  After trying several times to get him on his back, side or stomach, we had to agree to continue another day.  At point he had choked a little on some congestion in his throat.  We were lucky to get the portraits with his family and older sister completed but he was just not having it for almost anything else.   I must say that Dad was such a good sport about the whole session since he had the same cold started on top of the lack of sleep that we all experience with a newborn in the house.   I have to say this is one of my favorite Daddy and baby photos I’ve ever taken and you would never know that Dad just wanted to go to sleep.   Fast forward another week and Mom brought little H back for the rest of his individual portraits but he still wasn’t able to lay on his back or stomach comfortably and absolutely refused to go to sleep for us.  He just wasn’t having it.  I have to say, under the circumstances, we got some SUPER adorable portraits taken of little H and I look forward to sharing them below.  I want to thank his Mom and Dad for their patience with these unusual circumstances and I hope they love these as much as I do!

Love this one with his big sister!  So sweet!   If you have a baby on the way, contact us to schedule your own newborn session or maternity/newborn combination of sessions!

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