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Since planning ahead and scheduling a session months before a baby is born increases the chance of getting the best portraits, I thought I’d share when is the best time to schedule and why.  Many of my clients contact me a week before the baby is born or even after the baby is already born.  This is absolutely fine but it is harder to get those sweet sleepy newborn poses when they are a bit older.  Many people ask why and so I will share.

When is the best time to schedule newborn portraits?

First of all the best time to schedule a newborn session is at least 1.5 to 2 months before the baby’s due date.  This ensures you get in the schedule around the time of your due date.  Just Peachy Photography only schedules 1-3 newborn sessions each month to make sure that we can get everyone a spot.  Most of the sessions take place on weekend mornings and it is impossible to know when the baby will be born UNLESS the parents to be have a c-section scheduled ahead of time to deliver the baby.  This is rare but convenient to schedule portraits.  Everyone else has the surprise of when the baby will get here so planning proves to be very helpful.  I like to get my newborn clients in my schedule a few months ahead of the due date so that Mom and Dad have time to get their paperwork and deposit in to me to reserve their space and we have time to go over any questions they have and put together a plan of what colors, poses, props or themes they may be interested in.  Sometimes I have to put together a special set up for a theme or have to order a special prop and that takes time.  It is more likely that I would be able to accommodate a special theme if given extra time to prepare for the session.

When is the best time to photograph a newborn and why?

The best time for the session to take place is as soon as possible after the baby is born!   Make sure Mom’s milk has come in if breastfeeding and make sure that if you have a boy who had a circumcision, he has a few days to heal.  Those are the only exceptions to the rule.  I generally recommend that my clients’ set up their session within 1 week of the baby’s birth but encourage within the first week.

There are several reasons for this:

1.)  The baby is very flexible early on and can comfortably fit into the curled up newborn poses.  Sometimes after they are a few weeks older and fill out more, they can’t comfortably bend into certain poses which limits the options for the session.

2.)  Many babies will get baby acne and other skin issues weeks after birth as their skin is adjusting to being exposed to new things.  Even though photo editing software can help with this it is always best to have clearer skin when possible for the most natural look.

3.)  The most important reason in my opinion is that the baby sleeps best the first few days or first week after birth.  For many of the poses that we use, it is best for the babies to be in a deep sleep.  It prevents them from flailing and keeps them nice and still to get them into those sweet, sleepy poses everyone loves!

Do you know someone expecting?  Make sure you share this post with them so they know when to schedule their session.  If you are expecting and want more information about Just Peachy Photography newborn sessions, send us a message!


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