Two Year Old Independence–Arlington Heights Toddler Photographer

Last weekend I got to spend some time with little L! She was so cute and even though I photographed her and her family in the fall, she had changed so much! I love how L’s pigtails went from little springs to a full set of hair. She also changed in personality too. In the fall, she was toddling around but we were able to get her to stay with us and get some adorable smiles too. This time, she had her own agenda running around, marching across the park, looking at the water, climbing up the steps, and a bunch of other things. It was fun to watch how independent she had become and even a couple of those adorable two year old mini tantrums. Mom and Dad both did a great job helping me keep L occupied and get her interested in different things. I think we got some super cute portraits to remember all of those cute expressions at 2 years old, independent and all!  Another exciting fact is that we had picked the same location that her Mom and Dad used for their wedding photos so it had some sentimental value too.  Summer is my favorite season for portraits!  I love the greenery and flowers!  Everything is so bright and vibrant!

Flying high with Mommy

Playing peek a boo with Mommy and Daddy!

Can’t get enough of this one! She looks so happy and free!

We had to get one grumpy face too! Too cute! Love the pouty lips!

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