Little Ladybug–Palatine Illinois Baby Photographer

After several reschedules do to an illness and the holiday, we were finally able to photograph Miss A now that she is 9 months old!  I enjoyed photographing her since she was a few weeks old and capturing all of her milestones for Mom and Dad.  A is growing so fast and this time I noticed a little more of that darling strawberry hair and also more teeth!  She was showing those pearly whites off at our session this week!  It was a special session too because it was her first portrait with her doggy, M.  M was a little feisty but listened well so we were able to get a few images of them together.  I think he will be a “girl’s best friend” very soon if not already!

Another challenge this session posed is after all of the rain, the mosquitoes were attacking like crazy!  I sprayed bug repellant on twice but they still got me at least 6 times, including 3 on the face!  It was all worth it though, as you can see below!  I’m so excited how A’s portraits turned out and really look forward to her one year portraits in the fall!  Mom mentioned a possible cake smash and I’m excited about her theme too!  I think we’ll get even more cuteness out of A in a couple months!

Here are some of my favorites (and believe me it was SO hard to choose)!

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