Chicago Area Family Photographer | Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event 2023

As the crisp air prepares to usher in the enchanting beauty of Autumn, I am thrilled to introduce the Fun Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event this year! 🍂📸

Fall Family Mini Sessions 2023 Palatine, IL Just Peachy Photography

Embrace the Magic of the Season with Family Photography

There’s something truly magical about the fall season—the vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold dancing in the breeze, the cozy embrace of sweaters, and the joy of spending quality time with loved ones. I have designed the Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event to capture the heartwarming moments and transform them into cherished memories.

What is a Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event?

The Fun Fall Family Mini Sessions are thoughtfully curated photography sessions. They are carefully designed to capture the essence of your family’s unique bond. These sessions offer a perfect opportunity to update your family pictures, create unforgettable holiday cards, or simply document the love that binds your family together. I schedule sessions all in one location right after each other. I also make the fall mini sessions shorter in order to allow for special pricing compared to private sessions.

family posing for fall family mini sessions in Palatine, IL
Palatine family photographer Just Peachy Photographer captures beautiful moment with brother and sister for fall family mini sessions

How long does it take to create these timeless memories?

In the span of a short session—typically 10-15 minutes— I myself, with over 13 years of experience, will guide you through heartwarming interactions, capturing candid moments and posed portraits that showcase the love your family shares. From parents sharing a knowing glance to children reveling in the joy of the season, each photograph becomes a window into your family’s story.

What is included in the Fall Family Mini Session photography event?

My MOST POPULAR event of the year includes 10 or more edited images to choose from in an online gallery. It is easy to order from our online shopping cart. 5 digital files are included at the low price of $200. Additional digital files are $25 or the full gallery for $150. Most galleries are 15-20 images total. All digital files that are purchased are delivered in color and black and white in clients’ final gallery.

Do you have more questions? I recommend that you visit the blog post 5 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Fall Family Mini Sessions. This post will provide you with even more information about this fun event. I have included even more photo examples to enjoy from our event last year too.

family cuddles together serenely in Palatine IL as photographer Just Peachy Photographer has fall family mini session event
fall photo of siblings cuddling together Palatine Children and Family Photography Just Peachy Photography

Perfect for Holiday Cards

The holiday season is just around the corner! What better way to spread cheer than with personalized holiday cards adorned with your family’s smiles? The Fall Family Mini Session is an ideal opportunity to create memories to include in your holiday cards. They will radiate warmth and love. Picture your family surrounded by fall’s beauty, sharing season’s greetings that touch the hearts of everyone who receives them.

The Joy of Togetherness

A Fall Family Mini Session isn’t just about capturing pictures—it’s about celebrating togetherness. It’s about embracing the fun of playing in fallen leaves, stealing a ticklish moment with your little ones, and creating memories that resonate with the laughter echoing through the crisp fall air.

Fall family mini session with sweet smiling family by Just Peachy Photography in Palatine IL
sweet moment with happy family in fall photos by Just Peachy Photography in Palatine IL

Dressing Your Family for the Fall Season

Choosing the right outfits for your Fall Family Mini Session can enhance the overall look and feel of your photographs. Think cozy scarves, rich earth tones, and perhaps a touch of plaid. While coordinating outfits adds a harmonious touch to your family pictures, remember that being comfortable is just as important. After all, when you’re relaxed, your genuine joy shines through in your photos. After booking, I am happy to share our Family Clothing Guide with you. This will ensure that you have an easy time dressing your family.

baby in fall leaves in Palatine IL for fall family mini sessions event by Just Peachy Photography

Join me in the fun of a Fall Family Mini Session

As the leaves change and the air turns crisper, the allure of the fall season beckons us to embrace its magic. A Fall Family Mini Session is a chance to do just that—to revel in the joy of togetherness, bask in the beauty of fall colors, and create photographs that will be treasured for years to come. And even better, when your session is done, I am available if needed to help you. You have the option to order prints, holiday cards, wall art and any other printed products to adorn your home with your family’s love.

Do you have any additional questions or want to see more fun examples of our Fall Family Mini Sessions? I recommend reading over our blog post on frequently asked questions about our Fall Mini Session Event.

Are you ready to capture the heart and soul of your family against the enchanting backdrop of autumn? Join me for the Fall Family Mini Session Photography Event and let us tell your family’s story through pictures that resonate with love, laughter, and the spirit of the season. Click on the photo below to reserve your spot and embark on a journey of creating timeless memories together. 🍁📸

If you cannot make it to this special event this year, you are welcome to contact the studio and set up a private session with Just Peachy Photography. Visit our website here to see what family sessions are offered. I have VERY limited spots available for this very popular fall season of family photos!

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