Maternity Pictures with Toddler | Tips for a Perfect Session

Welcoming a new addition to your family is a momentous occasion, and capturing this special time with maternity pictures is a cherished tradition. When you have a toddler in the mix, planning a maternity photo session can be a bit challenging. Don’t worry, with some preparation and creativity, you can have beautiful maternity pictures with your little one. In this guide, I will share tips on how to plan maternity pictures with toddler, including 3 ways to prepare and the best time to schedule your session.

maternity pictures with toddler | Mom and Dad sit together with toddler girl smiling | Photographer Just Peachy Photography Palatine, IL

1. Choose the Right Location

Selecting the perfect location is essential when planning maternity pictures with toddler. Here are a few considerations:

  • Familiarity: Opt for a location that your toddler is comfortable with if they are shy or uncomfortable in new settings. Familiar settings can help your child feel at ease and reduce any anxiety during the session. Using your home for a Lifestyle Session or a favorite park where you visit regularly with your family are 2 great choices.
  • Studio: Come into the studio for a simple backdrop and more classic portrait. Your toddler will feel more at ease as our studio is quaint and comfortable. Most children adjust really quickly to the small inviting space.
  • Avoid Distractions: If your child is easily distracted by dogs, other kids, a nearby park, etc., you may want to choose a location that is a little more hidden. I have a lot of great recommendations and am happy to share once you are booked.

2. Timing is Everything

Timing plays a crucial role in the success of your maternity session, especially when a toddler is involved. Here’s why scheduling your session between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy is ideal:

  • Comfort: During this period, you’re likely to feel more comfortable and have a beautiful baby bump to showcase. You’ll be able to move around and pose with ease, even with an energetic toddler in tow. Also you will have a big enough baby bump to show your beautiful baby on the way.
  • Early Bird: Scheduling your session before the 36th week is advisable as sometimes babies arrive early or doctor’s are misguided in their guess of baby’s due date. You won’t want to miss your chance at beautiful maternity portrait memories.
  • Avoiding Exhaustion: As you approach the end of your pregnancy, you may experience fatigue more frequently. By planning your maternity session during the 32-36 week window, you’ll have more energy to create memorable maternity pictures with toddler.
maternity studio portrait with toddler | Expecting Mom's belly and todder girl | Photographer Just Peachy Photography Palatine, IL

3. Prepare Your Toddler

  • Explain and Involve: Talk to your toddler about the upcoming photo session, using simple and positive language. Let them know that it’s a special day to celebrate the new baby. You can even involve them in some aspects of the preparation, such as choosing their outfit or a toy to bring along.
  • Timing: Do your best to schedule your session at a time when your toddler is usually at their best. For many children, this is often in the morning after a good night’s sleep and breakfast. Avoid nap times or when they tend to get fussy. This may be challenging for outdoor sunset sessions.
  • Bring Essentials: Toddlers get wiggly fast, so it’s a good idea to have some toddler essentials on hand. Bring their favorite snacks, toys, or books to keep them occupied during breaks or when they’re not in front of the camera.

4. Poses for Your Maternity Session with Toddler

Now that you’ve prepared for your maternity session, it’s time to consider some poses that will beautifully capture the expecting mom and toddler, or even the whole family.

  • The Belly Kiss: Have your toddler stand or kneel beside you, and encourage them to kiss or gently touch your baby bump. This sweet moment not only highlights your pregnancy but also showcases the bond between your toddler and the new baby.
  • The Storyteller: Find a cozy spot where you and your toddler can sit together. Bring along a favorite book, and capture the precious moments of reading together. This pose not only emphasizes the family bond but also adds a personal touch to your photos.
  • Family Fun: Incorporate playfulness into your session by having mom and dad embrace each other and let your toddler be their energetic self. You and your partner can enjoy the moments of togetherness while your little one runs around you or runs up for some hugs. These candid shots often turn out to be some of the most cherished ones.
family with expecting mother walking together and having fun| Photographer Just Peachy Photography Palatine, IL

Planning a maternity session with a toddler may present its unique set of challenges, but it’s also an opportunity to capture the joy and anticipation of expanding your family. Remember to choose the right location, time your session wisely, and prepare your toddler to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. By following these tips and considering some of these heartwarming poses, you’ll have a collection of beautiful maternity pictures that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Go ahead and schedule that maternity session between weeks 32-36, and let your toddler’s energy and enthusiasm add a touch of magic to your family’s maternity pictures! Contact the studio for availability.

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