Product Presentation: Canvas Gallery Wraps

Just Peachy Photography offers many products for our clients to display their family's art.   I hope to share some of our products with all of you so that you can see the beautiful ways you can enjoy your images.  Sometimes clients feel they have to order prints but there are so many other ways to display artwork in your homes.  The first product I'm going to showcase on the blog is one of my recent favorites, the Gallery Canvas Wrap.

What is a Gallery Canvas Wrap?

The Canvas Gallery Wrap is a modern alternative to having your portraits matted and framed for display.  It is a popular way to display artwork in museums and art galleries and now is a modern choice for families to display their photographic images in their home.

The Gallery Canvas Wrap is stretched on a wooden frame and stapled in the back so the image is also printed and shown on the sides of the frame. This type of stretching does not require framing. The image is continued on to the side of the canvas and is the most common way of stretching canvas. It gives the image a “floating” effect as it stands out a little from the wall creating a modern 3-dimenional effect for viewing.

The canvas wraps come in different widths, starting at 3/4″ and going up to 2.5″, but the 1.5″ seems to be the favorite for most.  I have a few Gallery Canvas Wraps in my home (3 at the moment) and cannot wait to order more within the next year.

I highly recommend ordering this product from a professional because there are a lot of “cheaper” quality companies out there and the difference can be like night and day from a quality professionally printed Canvas Gallery Wrap.  I included some photos of the 24×36 with 1.5″ depth, Canvas Gallery Wrap that I ordered for my family last year.  It is now hanging above our fireplace where everyone can see it and it is really a conversation piece.  I love the fall colors in the image and the modern stand out feel to it really completes the space.   This artwork has seriously put a smile on my face every time I've passed it by!

The Canvas Gallery Wrap is a product that you do not want to order small.  The larger the better!  I wish I had gone larger with two of the pieces that I ordered for my family.  The best thing to do is imagine where it will hang in relation to the furniture around or above it.  Make sure it is proportional to the furniture.  Also consider getting a few medium sized wraps and making a wall collage display from the separate pieces.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Canvas Gallery Wraps in the comments section or by email.

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