Tuesday’s Tips Week 3: Where to Find Coupons

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In the last Tuesday's Tips post, found here, Angie and I explained matching up coupons and sales to save money. Today we're going to share where to find the best coupons.

Here are a list of places that I find my coupons:

*Sunday Chicago Tribune Newspaper (or other big city paper)–You can find anywhere from 1-5 inserts of coupons, although usually none on holiday weekends. Also sometimes the newspaper magazines have a few as well. In the Chicago Tribune, it is called the “Parade” section.

*Email lists of your favorite brands–You can opt in to receive the newsletters and promotional emails from companies that you purchase food from frequently. Ex. Kraft, Kellogg's, Nabisco, and organic brands too.

*Internet Printable coupons–You can find these by searching the internet for specific brands or products, search on Facebook on your favorite brands' pages, or watch for notices on your favorite deal blogs.  They list printable coupons very frequently and some have a database on their site where you can search the coupons

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by brand or product.

*Product Packaging–Sometimes you can find coupons on the inside cardboard of packaged boxes or inside products covered in plastic.

*Write emails–Choose some of your favorite products or brands and write a letter to the company that produces them (most have a contact email address on their websites).  Tell them how much you love their products and they may reward you with a coupon or two!  Sometimes they even send coupons for a free product!

*Check your Mail–If you ever sign up for a free sample, that same company may add you to their list and send you occasional coupons through the mail.

*Magazines–Check your favorite magazines for coupons scattered throughout!  Many women or home themed magazines have a few in them and All You Magazine (found at Walmart) has a lot!

Look around you!  Coupons are everywhere and they save you a lot of money if you know how to use them!  Check out the rest of this post at Life as Mom Knows It  HERE!

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