First Birthday Bunny Boy–Roselle Illinois Children’s Small Event Photographer

It is such a joy to have families return after a few years for a portrait session or event!  I love how they always think I won’t remember them but I always do.  My clients just make a special mark in my heart and I truly love to see how their children have grown.  I know it isn’t always possible to hire a professional photographer for every special event in their lives but I always like to make sure they know that I am honored to be there when they can and be trusted to photograph their special memories.

First birthday parties are one of my favorite small events to photograph because there are usually many children there, the adults love to interact with the guest of honor, usually there is an adorable theme for the party and lots of details to get images of and one year old’s are just too cute!  They are still babies and not quite toddlers.  Some are still crawling, many are taking their first steps and a few a cruising all over the place already!  There never is a dull moment at a first year party and I just love to be a part of them.

It was a pleasure to see the K Family again after I had photographed their first son’s first birthday party a few years ago.  It was also great to see that their family had grown!  Their new son, A, was just as cute as could be and such a good eater!  Also, I just could not get enough of that hair!  You will see what I mean in the photos below!  Thanks K Family for trusting me yet again with your precious memories and I hope you enjoy your photographs for years to come!

Some of my favorite photographs from A’s Easter themed first birthday party can be seen below!  Enjoy!

Roselle Illinois First Birthday Party PhotographsApolloBday32815_-014 copyApolloBday32815_-026 copyApolloBday32815_-090 copyApolloBday32815_-091 copyApolloBday32815_-146 copyApolloBday32815_-207 copyApolloBday32815_-265 copyIf you would like to hire Just Peachy Photography for your own special event coming up, you can visit our Small Events Page for more information or contact Erika here, Erika@justpeachyphotog.com or by calling 847-302-1783.

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