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Welcome back to our Mom Around Town Blog Series!  Today I’m here to introduce a special local business called Fit4Mom, which offer fitness classes for moms at all different stages!    Remember to check out our last Mom Around Town post with The Storybook Mom if you haven’t seen it already!

Stroller Strides Fitness Class Arlington Heights IL

Business Name:  Fit4Mom





Year Established: 2007

Fit4Mom offers fitness classes for moms at all different stages. Stroller Strides classes offer cardio, strength and core to give moms a total body workout- all while their little one is along for the ride in the stroller. Instructors also weave songs and activities throughout the class to keep it interactive for the little ones- fitness for mom, fun for baby!  Their mission is to help moms make strides in fitness, motherhood and life. Not only do they offer amazing fitness classes, but each location provides a free “Our Village” playgroup that is a great community feel for the moms in the classes. According to Jackie Dorris, the owner of Fit4Mom, “Being a mom is hard work and it takes a village, and that is really what our classes provide.”

Do you want to hear a little more from the owner of Fit4Mom, Jackie Dorris?   Just Peachy Photography interviewed her and would love to share with you.

Interview with Jackie Dorris of Fit4Mom:

Erika:  How did you get the idea to start your business?

Jackie:  I was a new mom without a single other friend who had a baby and I wanted to get back in shape. I didn’t want to leave my daughter in the gym daycare, and I needed to meet some other moms! I looked in to taking a stroller fitness class with her and there was not one that I could find so I decided to start it myself. I needed my Village.

Erika:   I think we all need a village sometimes!  I wish I had a class like this when my twins were born since it was hard to get out of the house or even find time for fitness.  I’m curious, what did you do before you started your business?

Jackie:  I worked for a kitchen design firm.

Erika:  That sounds like fun but definitely something that would be hard to continue with a baby at home.  I’m sure now you meet a lot of wonderful mothers and make friends with them too!  Can you share one memorable story from an experience you had related to your business?

Jackie:  There are so many! But I will never forget our Grand Opening almost 8 years ago. Back then we didn’t have online registration, or social media. I hung up flyers everywhere, and had my friends tell their friends- but I had no idea if anyone was going to come. 35 moms came! It was amazing. And the rest is history.

Erika:  How fun!  Yes, what would we do without social media now, right?  How do you think you provide a quality service or product for local moms?

Jackie:  Fit4Mom is a leader in the pre/postnatal fitness world and I know that our instructors have gone through specific training so that they know how to work with postnatal women. Your body goes through more changes in the 9 months of pregnancy than a man’s will his entire life. It’s important that you see a trainer/instructor who knows what those changes are and how to correct them so that you can have the strength for motherhood.

Erika:  Very true on those changes!  Do you have anything you would like to tell us that is new for your business in 2015?

Jackie:  We are going to be launching Body Back and Fit4Baby in the Arlington Heights area.

Erika:  Are there any upcoming events or promotions that you would like to share?

Jackie:  We will be heading outdoors for class starting in May!

Erika:  So soon!  That is great news!  Is there anything else you want to tell us about your business or yourself?

Jackie:  Your first Stroller Strides class is free. So often we hear, why would I pay to just walk around with the stroller. Come to a class and you will get it! Stroller Strides is much more than just a walk- each class has elements of targeted strength training to get you stronger for your role as mom and the interaction and socialization that both you and your child get are priceless. It takes a village and we would love for you to come be a part of ours.

Erika:  I did get to visit a class and I will tell you it is more than that!  The instructor was very motivated to get the women moving and targeted specific fitness goals too! The kids had fun watching mom or one little boy was munching on a cookie while his mom was working out!   What a great class!

Stroller Strides Mom and Baby Class Arlington Heights ILClasses move outdoors in May and join us on Friday, May 8th for a special Mother’s Day class where Just Peachy Photography will be taking a mini-photo of moms with their little ones after class!

Jackie is giving away a Free Month to the Stroller Strides class to one local mom!  All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and use the form below to enter.   Giveaway will end on Friday, April 30th at midnight!


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Just Peachy Photography will announce the winner shortly after the contest ends and winners will be notified.  All entries will be verified and the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen. And a slideshow of images from the Stroller Strides class I visit in Arlington Heights this February:

If you haven’t seen Just Peachy Photography’s new Welcome Video yet, head over and check it out here.  It will give you an idea of what a session is like with Erika Williams from Just Peachy Photography.
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